Just relax, let them do it!


Teaching kids to independent can be hard especially when you’re in a hurry.  I often have to remind myself to slow down and give the kids time to do things for themselves. I am probably learning more myself about how to give them different opportunities to be independent.  They really are proud of themselves when they complete either a paper or craft on their own.

The big thing around here is getting their socks and shoes on!  I like to give kids opportunities to try new things and encourage them to do it themselves.  They get frustrated sometimes but often can complete or almost complete the task I’m asking them to do.  Just like in this activity below I put all of what they needed to make a picture  of poppies.  They were content loved discussing how they were going to complete this task and all the pictures turned out amazing.



To my preschoolers this game is fun,  but they are constantly learning, using fine motor skills to pick up, and working on matching the letter on the back to the corresponding letter on the game board.



At christmas we usually do not exchange gifts, instead we bring blankets, jackets, gloves etc.  We then will put the kids in the car and find people in need. The kids stay in the car with another adult, I step out never putting myself in danger or the kids,   (we have done this for years).  We hand them coffee, and some of the miscellaneous items.   We discuss with the kids what they want to give and what they think they need,  it really is a great conversation in the car. The kids talk about this often and really enjoy it.  I would like to expand these types of activities year around so watch my blog post I have something in the works!!!

The activity Stone Soup was great it reminded them of how we need to be kind to each other and help one another.









MGT Ambassador pic

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