Teaching Human Kindness and the Willingness to Serve


img_8791CONNECTING WITH THE COMMUNITY, this can be done in so many ways.  And there are many benefits to exposing your preschoolers to such activities.   For us I expose the kids to other preschools which broadens their friend base and helps with forming friendships,  we will take field trips to the zoo, park (often)  or community events for children.  This type of exposure helps them and the kids around them with exposing them  to cultural diversity it also promotes open thinking and fosters resiliency in children. By exposing kids to different lifestyles and different perspectives, you help them understand that there are a variety of different ways to think and feel. This has many important benefits.  By exposing kids to different cultures also helps them to be tolerant and excepting of people who are different than them.  I really enjoy when a parent brings a food item to share from their culture.

I like this quote below:

It enhances intellect by pushing us to challenge our assumptions and builds social skills by encouraging emotional intelligence, empathy and compassion.”
– Child psychologists Derek Cabrera and Laura Colosi




We visit the Fire Station, talk about police officers (a couple of parents are police officers), play doctors office, and postman.  By getting out in the community it helps the kids bring their imagination to life.   They imagine what it would be like to spray the hose then they actually get to do it!



One way the kids have given back  in the past couple years is two Christmas’ in a row in lieu of exchanging gifts we bring, blankets, socks, gloves, extra jackets etc.  We collect over a month then we pack them up and drive to places that we know people will be.  I have an adult stay in the vehicle and I get out and offer the blanket and warm coffee to them.  The kids will choose which one I give and they have really got a lot out of this . They just said the other day .  Miss Trish remember when we gave that guy that was cold a blanket, I say yes and they will reply,  we helped him.   And they never complain about not exchanging gifts.




My preschoolers  recognize physical differences and similarities between themselves and others and they respect diversity.  They recognize when given  the same supplies that everyone does their project a little different then each other and they know that is ok.   I believe almost every part of our daily activities through Mother Goose Curriculum has given us opportunity to discuss and have open conversations with the kids.  The freedom to create what they want and be accepted for doing so.

We have a responsiblity to these kids to teach them to be tolerant, excepting, loving, and kind.  To enjoy peoples differences and celebrate them.  We also have a responsiblity to teach them to be contributing members of society and that they are never to young to do that.!

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