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One of the reasons I chose to run an in home preschool is so that I could be home with my kids.  I never thought 18 years later I would be still be as excited and maybe even more driven to help the kids that I am involved with.  Sometimes people ask me why don’t you run a center?  Although I think that would be amazing what stops me is the personal one on one time I get in a smaller environment.  I have the ability to be an extension of their family and their teacher.  The fact that these parents have entrusted me to be a part of teaching them in their most important years of development is amazing!  So I thank you parents!!!

My personal belief is people need to choose what makes them happy, I choose to change children’s life’s one at a time, realizing the responsiblity I have in the kids lives is sometimes a little scary.  But most of what they need at this age is love, consistency, and time.  I do several field trips, crafts, preschool, games, etc.  But one of the things they love most is when I sit with them,  it takes probably 5 seconds after I sit down that they all pile on.   When you are buckling them, changing them, teaching, feeding them, and they just randomly say I love you Miss Trish, It is an amazing feeling and you know they are feeling it at that time. I will always stop what I am doing look into their eyes and say I love you too sometimes with a little kiss on the cheek, that usually brings a couple of giggles.img_2329

I heard a quote one time it said ” When I Look At My Students – I See Unlimited Possibilities! ”  Or the quote, “Be The Change You Want To See In The World”.  That is so true.  Two of my favorite quotes for sure.


The month of April we are studying about the Ocean.  What an enriching experience it has been so far.  Here we are learning about sea turtles after we make our project we take a peek at a video on you tube pertaining to that animal.  They love that and I feel like it helps tie in our lesson.  I think the creative art part of our daily lesson is sometimes their favorite because their activity comes to life.img_2340



One area I like is when we do our project for table top literacy, they like to use the kwik sticks on these, we didn’t use the yarn provided probably because the colors in the kwik sticks are so fun and they love to use them.img_2348




Ok so I didn’t follow the rules on this game we made it a match game and the kids loved it, they were so patient waiting for their turn at this small group activity.


#mothergoosecurriculum #mgtblogger #kwiksticks

This week was amazing we covered so much information and loved every minute of it!  Excited to see what we learn this next week!

Thank you Mother Goose Curriculum!

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