A Mud Kitchen!! Sure Why Not!

Does anyone remember when you were little being covered head to two in dirt?  I do!  I also remember my kids going to a friend’s house and playing for hours outside covered in mud!  Such a great way to play,  yes you get dirty and that’s ok!!!

I saw something on Facebook the other day and it inspired me to make an actual mud kitchen,  right now the last couple of days I just threw some utensils and cupcake tins, etc.  on my side yard and said lets open a restaurant,  the kids went crazy.  I always take them to the park, but digging on my side yard has been one of my best ideas!!!!  I will post pic before and after.

When they play outside it gives them time to be themselves to use their imagination.  Sometimes I like to walk away and watch from around the corner so they can really open up.   So often we,  myself included have choreographed their entire day by activities or at home their phones, games, etc.   I am an advocate for adventure and probably a bit of a kid at heart.  So a mud kitchen is a perfect start.


These pictures are before !!!  Wait till you see it after!img_1193


This week we have been having a ton of fun with our Mother Goose Curriculum focusing on the Galaxy with Galaxy Goo.  We made several different batches.  The kids loved the one with shaving cream (it last longer too).  I love watching what they do with it and how intent they are,  they wrap it all around stuff!! One even in their hair yikes!

Try this…flatten out the slime and put a straw under one side then blow,  it make a big bubble kids love this!


We also loved the galaxy of letters!  I went the simpler way and drew the letters on their paper and they put glue on with the q-tip and dumped glitter on the paper.  They are learning so much with this curriculum.  I have always believed kids learn and thrive in a fun environment.  In fact that is my motto on my business card.  Mother Goose CurriculumMother Goose Curriculum..(sneak peak) makes it easy and the kids love it!



I am thankful that Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum provides my curriculum free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion!

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MGT Ambassador pic

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