Simple ways to get your kiddos to listen!

One simple way to get your child or many children to listen is to connect with them first,  either by a simple hand on their shoulder or eye contact before trying to talk to them. Sometimes that is easier said then done because they are so easily distracted. I have to remind myself they are young and learning.  One way I get them to listen is  I get real excited and bring them into the story by using their names and or asking a lot of questions?  We have to remind ourselves how important we are to children and their learning process. And be patient and willing to listen to them. 

I love Mother Goose Curriculum  because their books give you all these ready-made questions that help the kids interact.  Example below….


My kids loved this activity… painting with the cotton balls is what they decided, super messy, super fun.  We took a plate and traced it to make the circle shape then cut them out.

Another way to get kids to listen is to have them repeat back to you what you say,  and I don’t mean.. Did you hear me what did I say?  I am guilty of that as well.  What I mean is patiently and calmly talk to them to make sure they understand.   You know I’m learning as they are learning each day.

This week was super cool we worked with a lot of mediums we worked with, foil, tubes, sand, glue, paint, cardstock, cotton balls, crayons, and beans.  They loved making mars,  they loved the texture of the sand and how it felt falling through their fingers and how soft it was, then after it dried how hard it was to the touch.  I actually might make a calm down center with sand.


They also loved Pluto they actually spent more time on it decorating the cups then I expected.  And loved shaking them when finished.


They are really concentrating on them.I loved the community challenge here and so did my kids!!!  They felt bad for pluto especially when I asked them how do  you think Pluto felt when people were saying he is so small he’s not even a planet?
They said he probably is sad.

The one thing when teaching is that you don’t have to teach perfectly.  The kids don’t care if you don’t know the answer its ok,  figure it out and then go back.  Like when I was asked what does it mean when a planet is made out of gas?  How do you explain that in their terms?


We also read through this book a couple of times they felt so proud of themselves that they could read and were excited to take them home to their parents.img_0619

I am thankful I get to teach my preschoolers everyday even the really hard days.  I love the fact that I get to use Mother Goose Curriculum. If helps me with the ready-made projects and teaching guide.  I love the flexibility that the curriculum provides so that I can add-on my own fun themes such as St, Patrick’s Day fun without interfering.  Blessed beyond measure. #mgtblogger

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