Creative Teaching!

img_0157Opportunity!!!!  A situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal..  Mother Goose Curriculum has given me a the opportunity to reach a goal of creatively teaching the kids.

This is my first week teaching this curriculum and I absolutely love it. Before I would spend hours preparing for the next day,  now I have it ready for me.  I love the fact that I can work with all different ages. I also like the fact that I can expand on the lesson and add to what we are learning.

The kids love all of the activities so far and are excited to see what we are doing the next day,  we sneak peak of course :).  They loved playing the game with the name tags!!!  And they were so proud of their star hats! I think that has been their favorite so far.

I love journals so I was excited to do them,  My older 3’s and 4’s did really good!  The younger ones had a bit of trouble so we modified and it went fine. The fact that I go over what we are learning and they are excited and completely paying attention, is exciting to me and makes it so much fun to teach. I have been running preschool for 18 years, I always think you can learn something and I am possibly learning more than the kids.

This is what I added on as a center, I called them space spinners and they have wanted to do them all week!!!  A win for me!

I like the fact we are on a theme for the month because it gives me time to tie in all of the classroom activities.  I really feel it benefits the kids and makes it more exciting.  Right above in this pic they were working on their journals, look at how well they were concentrating!

We finished up with telescopes!!! They are a blast!!  What a fun week!!

MGT Ambassador pic

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