How kids can inspire your life and make change.

It’s simple if you sit and for a moment just watch how they interact with other kids, adults and yourself.  Their innocence in life and process of thought is just awe-inspiring. Their honestly is the best like when out of no where they say they love you!!! (my favorite) or when they as why is your arm so big haha!

A lot of times us adults myself included get caught up in the craziness of our lives, families, businesses, etc.  And just don’t stop to look around.

I sat watching then starting playing with the kids as usual thinking all the while this is their job to have fun, learn, play pretend, scream if they must!!   Us adults can do that to and probably should at least a couple of times of week.

Instead of just sitting and watching the kids play which is fine!!  Get up play parachute, slide down the slide on your belly, play tag and scream!!!!!!!  You will feel better for sure.

(For the record I didn’t like this pic…yikes but she did.  She like the way the grass looked we probably took 20 this way)

I love that children can be themselves and love you for being yourself with them.



These kids inspire me everyday to continue to learn how to be the best teacher and person everyday.  I’m not saying everyday is butterflies and rainbows but well worth living and making each day an adventure.

Lets see what we can get ourselves into next!!




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