Embrace your craziness!!! A day in my life….

Today was nuts!!!!! And I mean it.  It’s true weather, barometric pressure, and a full moon put my preschoolers into a frenzy.  Lately we have had so much tattling and crying one might wonder how can you do this for ten hours???   Well not all day’s are like this!!! Crazy is good in little doses,   like when we do music and the song calls for  a scream or we are in the mood for making the sounds that the animals make!


Each day I try to embrace as a new adventure and am excited to show the kids what I have planned.  This month we have talked about weather, seasons, hibernation and alot of fine motor writing activities.  My Preschool is active on focusing with kids learning through play!  My business name is Take Care Day Care and Preschool I truly believe kids learn and thrive in a fun environment.

Daily our schedule is consistent but flexible which I love because little ones don’t always go along with the plan.  Free time first to get the wiggles out them a little learning time, music, always finish up with outside!   I am new to blogging but excited to get to know all of you and am hopeful my blog grows.

In the next couple days we will be talking about a healthy heart, groundhogs day, and dental health.  Fun photos to come!   2018-01-08 11.14.51IMG_8139


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